Balance Within Yoga Studio - Welcome

Come and find some equanimity of mind, body and soul as you adventure into Balance Within Yoga Studio in Westlake, Ohio.  Small therapeutic classes offer personal assistance to help you achieve enduring health as well as blissful happiness as you learn this ancient discipline.

Balance Within Yoga teaches a multitude of yoga styles that branch from Hatha yoga. It is a unique eclectic experience where you can learn the power of Ashtanga yoga, the flow and fluidness of Vinyasa yoga, the alignment and structure of Iyengar yoga, the creativity of Jivamukti yoga, the holistic healing of Integral yoga, the expansion of the heart and breath in OM Yoga and the continuous hold of the posture in Yin Yoga

Each class offers focus on alignment in the postures, the practice of the expansion of the breath and relaxation techniques.  The end result is an increased sense of calm, well being and Balance Within!

Balance Within Yoga: Find Your Inner Balance DVD

A Union of talent from a Yoga Teacher, a Media Artist and a Musician to create this five session Instructional DVD.

DVD Description $20.99:

This Instructional Yoga DVD has five sessions. The first is an introduction to breath and bandhas. The second session is a gentle vinyasa flow. The third session is an energizing Surya Namaskar/Sun salutation. The fourth session is an intermediate vinyasa flow and the last session is Guided Meditation through the Chakras to relax and balance one’s mind, body and spirit.

This DVD is a true collaboration of a Cleveland Yoga Instructor and a student from The Cleveland Institute of The Arts and a Student from the Rocky River School of Rock.
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